Product Summary

The BH72428MUV-E2 is a Color TV signal encoder. The BH72428MUV-E2 is an IC that converts digital RGB signals (8-bit) to NTSC and PAL color TV signals. In addition to composite output, luminance output, chrominance output, and analog RGB output are available. Each type of output is equipped with an internal 75Ω driver. The application of it is TV peripheral devices.


BH72428MUV-E2 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Power supply voltage:7V; (2)Power dissipation:900mW; (3)Operating temperature:-20 to +70℃; (4)Storage temperature:-55 to +125℃.


BH72428MUV-E2 features: (1)Supports both NTSC and PAL; (2)Internal RGB3-channel DAC (internal regulator); (3)Internal burst timing generator circuit; (4)Y / C separation output pin; (5)Analog RGB signal output pin; (6)Internal 75Ω driver.


BH72428MUV-E2 pin connection