Product Summary

The 39VF080-70-4C-EIE is an 8 Mbit multi-purpose flash. Featuring high performance byte-program, the 39VF080-70-4C-EIE provides a typical byte-program time of 14μs. It provides fixed erase and program times, independent of the number of erase that have occurred.


39VF080-70-4C-EIE absolute maximum ratings: (1)temperature under bias: -55 to 125℃; (2)storage temeprature: -65 to 150℃; (3)DC voltage on any pin to ground potential: -0.5 to VDD+0.5V; (4)Transient voltage on any pin to ground potential: -2 to VDD+2V; (5)Package power dissipation capability: 1W.


39VF080-70-4C-EIE features: (1)organized as 1MX8; (2)Superior reliability; (3)low power consumption; (4)sector-erase capability; (5)automatic write timing; (6)end-of-warite detection; (7)latched address and data; (8)single voltage read and write operations.


39VF080-70-4C-EIE pin connection