Product Summary

The BD6310GU-E2 is a silicon monolithic integrated circuit.


BD6310GU-E2 absolute maximum ratings: (1)suupply voltage, VCC: 7V; (2)power dissipation, Pd: 1.6W; (3)input voltage for control pin, VIN: 0 to VCC; (4)RNF voltage, VRNF: 0.5V; (5)maximum output current, IOUT: 1.5A; (6)operating temperature range, Topr: -25 to 85℃; (7)storage temperature range, Tstg: -55 to 150℃; (8)junction temperature, Tjmax: 150℃.


BD6310GU-E2 features: (1)PWM constant current controllable two H bridge driver; (2)mixed decay control.


BD6310GU-E2 pin connection