Product Summary

The FC80486DX4-100 is an embedded Write-Back Enhanced IntelDX4 processor. The FC80486DX4-100 provides high performance to 32-bit, embedded applications. Designed for applications that need a floating-point unit, the FC80486DX4-100 is ideal for embedded designs running DOS, Microsoft Windows, OS/2, or UNIX applications written for the Intel architecture.


FC80486DX4-100 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Case Temperature under Bias: -65 to +110℃; (2)Storage Temperature: -65 to +150℃; (3)DC Voltage on Any Pin with Respect to Ground: -0.5 V to VCC5 + 0.5 V; (4)Supply Voltage VCC with Respect to VSS: -0.5 V to +4.6 V; (5)Reference Voltage VCC5 with Respect to VSS: -0.5 V to +6.5 V; (6)Transient Voltage on any Input: The lesser of: VCC5 + 1.6 V or 6.5 V; (7)Current Sink on VCC5: 55 mA.


FC80486DX4-100 features: (1)Up to 100 MHz Operation; (2)Integrated Floating-Point Unit; (3)Speed-Multiplying Technology; (4)32-Bit RISC Technology Core; (5)16-Kbyte Write-Back Cache; (6)3.3 V Core Operation with 5 V Tolerant I/O Buffers; (7)Burst Bus Cycles; (8)Dynamic Bus Sizing for 8- and 16-bit Data Bus Devices; (9)SL Technology; (10)Data Bus Parity Generation and Checking; (11)Boundary Scan (JTAG); (12)3.3-Volt Processor, 75 MHz, 25 MHz CLK: 208-Lead Shrink Quad Flat Pack (SQFP); (13)3.3-Volt Processor, 100 MHz, 33 MHz CLK: 208-Lead Shrink Quad Flat Pack (SQFP); 168-Pin Pin Grid Array (PGA); (14)Binary Compatible with Large Software Base.


FC80486DX4-100 pin connection