Product Summary

The PI3HDMI431ARCZLE active switch circuit is targeted for high-resolution video networks that are based on DVI/HDMITM standards and TMDS signal processing. The PI3HDMI431ARCZLE is an active 3 TMDS to 1 TMDS receiver switch with Hi-Z outputs. The PI3HDMI431ARCZLE receives differential signals from selected video components and drives the video display unit. It provides three controllable output swings that can be controlled through a single bit.


PI3HDMI431ARCZLE absolute maximum ratings: (1)Storage Temperature: –65°C to +150°C; (2)Supply Voltage to Ground Potential: –0.5V to +4.0V; (3)DC Input Voltage: –0.5V to VDD; (4)DC Output Current: 120mA; (5)Power Dissipation: 1.0W.


PI3HDMI431ARCZLE features: (1)Supply voltage, VDD = 3.3V ±5%; (2)Each Port is compatible w/ DVI, HDMITM 1.1, HDMITM 1.2 or HDMITM 1.3 signals; (3)Supports both AC-coupled and DC-coupled inputs; (4)Deep ColorTM Support; (5)High Performance, up to 2.5 Gbps per channel; (6)Switching support for 3 side band signals (SCL, SDA and HPD); (7)5V Tolerance on all side band signals; (8)SCL, SDA, and HPD pins are the only pins that can support HOT INSERTION; (9)Integrated 50-ohm (±10%)termination resistors at each high speed signal input; (10)Confi gurable output swing control (500mV, 750mV, 1000mV); (11)Confi gurable Pre-Emphasis levels (0dB, 1.5dB, 3.5dB, & 6.0dB); (12)Confi gurable De-Emphasis (0dB, -3.5dB, -6.0dB, -9.5dB); (13)Optimized Equalization Single default setting will support all cable lengths; (14)12kV HBM ESD protection on all high speed data channels; (15)Propagation delay ≤ 2ns; (16)High Impedance Outputs when disabled; (17)Packaging (Pb-free & Green): 64-contact TQFN (ZL64).


PI3HDMI431ARCZLE pin connection