Product Summary

The ATXMEGA64B3-H microcontroller is a family of low-power, high-performance, and peripheral-rich CMOS 8/16-bit microcontrollers based on the AVR enhanced RISC architecture. The ATXMEGA64B3-H is supported with a full suite of program and system development tools, including C compilers, macro assemblers, program debugger/simulators, programmers, and evaluation kits.


ATXMEGA64B3-H absolute maximum ratings: (1)VCC Power Supply Voltage: -0.3 to 4 V; (2)IVCC Current into a Vcc pin: 200 mA; (3)IGND Current out of a Gnd pin: 200 mA; (4)VPIN Pin voltage with respect to Gnd and VCC: -0.5 Vcc+0.5 V; (5)IPIN I/O pin sink/source current: -25 to 25 mA; (6)TA Storage temperature: -65 to 150 °C; (7)Tj Junction temperature: 150°C.


ATXMEGA64B3-H features: (1)One USART with IrDA support; (2)AES and DES crypto engine; (3)CRC-16 (CRC-CCITT)and CRC-32 (IEEE 802.3)generator; (4)One two-wire interface with dual address match (I2C and SMBus compatible); (5)One serial peripheral interface (SPI); (6)16-bit Real Time Counter (RTC)with separate oscillator; (7)Liquid Crystal Display; (8)One eight-channel, 12-bit, 300 thousand SPS Analog to Digital Converter; (9)Two Analog Comparators with window compare function, and current source feature; (10)External interrupts on all General Purpose I/O pins; (11)Programmable watchdog timer with separate on-chip ultra low power oscillator.


ATXMEGA64B3-H pin connection